Notes From Clients

We could not be happier with the service we have received from Best in Show Mobile Grooming.  Barbara has great skill and does a wonderful job.  Just as important, she loves and understands dogs, and was quickly able to establish trusting rapport with our very shy dog.  Our dog is a Pyrenean Shepherd, a small, long-haired breed very rare in the U.S.  Before she groomed him the first time, she took time to research the breed and to understand their disposition and how best to groom them.  The results were outstanding – so good we’d gladly drive some distance for her services.  Because she and her grooming van come to us, it’s even better.  
Michael and Kate M.

My husband discovered Best in Show Mobile Grooming out of simple luck but true necessity. Our local groomer's hours made it difficult for us to drop off and retrieve our Golden. She is 15 yrs old and she gets a summer "do"  because of the heat and her advanced age. Recently, we added a second Golden who we had adopted from a rescue group. They both receive summer hair cuts and on their most recent visit - they both went to the van together. They love Barbara ( I am sure the treats and toys they receive do not sway them in the least!) and do well under her handling.

We recommend Best in Show Mobile Grooming without any reservations!!!
Mike and Maureen C.

Just want you to know how pleased we have been with your grooming of our Airedale, "Tyler"--most importantly, he always looks forward to your visits and enjoys the experience immensely...he loves the bus and the toys on board!
We constantly receive compliments on Tyler's appearance after grooming, which makes him and us very proud!
Thank you for the high level of professionalism and attention to detail you consistently display, and your willingness to accommodate any special requests!
Nancy and Mark S.

Best in Show and Barbara Johnson are THE best pet grooming and the most professional in the business.  Best in Show is beyond excellent.  Barbara loves animals, she understands how to keep them calm, make them happy about the process of bathing and grooming, and she is alert to skin problems, eye and ear sensitivities, and working with animals that have had recent surgery.  She makes it fun.  Her van is "hospital" spotless with every convenience to do the best job ever.  I consider us (four terriers) blessed to have found Best in Show.
Linda L.

Best In Show is the third and the very best groomer we have used.  We love the great convenience of having service "right on our doorstep," and having our dog, Dukey, cared for by the same groomer every time - with no cage-time-waiting before or after his bath and clip.  More importantly, we find Barbara to be skilled, sensitive, sensible, un-rushed, low-key, prompt, reliable and very knowledgeable.  Dukey's wagging tale on the arrival of her spic-and-span van, and again on his return to our house, makes evident how much he enjoys his grooming.  Barbara
takes time on every visit to talk with us, and Dukey comes back handsome and groomed just as we  wished.  Brava, Barbara!  
Donn M.

In all my years of dog ownership I have never met a more qualified and more importantly "loving" and gentle soul as you. Colby loves you and always feels refreshed and rested after spending time with you. We are so grateful to have you. We fretted like mad anytime we would have to leave one of our babies at a traditional groomer. We never worry now. Thank you again.
Matt and Jim

We have been clients of Best In Show Mobile Grooming for more than a year. Barbara is the best! She was recommended to us by our veterinarian. She is very gentle with our Bichon, Teddy, and he looks wonderful each time she grooms him. Barbara is kind, competent, prompt, always on time and she has such a pleasant demeanor with both humans and canines! Her mobile unit is clean and spotless. I am so pleased with her work and I know you will be, too.
Tracey L.

Barbara has been caring for our toy poodle for over a year. What a blessing we found her when our precious Codi turned 15 years old. The first best thing we learned was that the dog was beautifully groomed in about 1.5 hours and it was a lot less stress for our dog than being dropped off all day with a groomer. As she has aged we have been so grateful to have her taken care of with such understanding. We can’t say enough good things and we love her portable grooming bus.
Tracy W.

When our aging dog's hind legs lost their strength, we were concerned about bringing her to our groomer because she had to stay in a cage for the good part of a day.  We found out about Best in Show from our Vet's office.  Barbara from Best in Show came to our home in a well-equipped, immaculate van.  She took wonderful care of our dog, knew just how to handle her ailments and completed the grooming in just over an hour.  We have been using Best in Show ever since. Barbara does a great job and is always on time.  It is a relief for us to know our dog is well cared for and need not stay caged up for a long period of time any more.
Andrea V.

As the "dad" of three boy Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers, I can say without doubt that Barbara is a Saint.  I have been amazed at the talents of Barbara at Best in Show for more than a year and I would not go anywhere else - ever!  Not only do my dogs look awesome - which is no small feat for these long haired rambunctious devils - but they feel better as a result of her "mobile" ability.  My oldest, Chauncey, stressed at the mere thought of a road trip to the "salon" where he would stay for nearly 10 hours, much of it just sitting in a crate in a back room.   Barbara's convenient and skilled solution is a godsend for not only my little guys - but practical for my hectic lifestyle.  She engages them, makes them almost look forward to the grooming adventure - especially with the Toy Surprise at the end.  If you are considering price, convenience and overall talent, look no further.  Calling Best In Show Grooming will be one of the best phone calls you will ever make for yourself and your little one.
Anthony A.

Max and Cody get so excited when the best in show van pulls up,
they come back looking and smelling beautiful! They give them 4 paws up.
Lynda J.

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